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Denise T. King MS RN

              I am Denise T. King. I am looking forward to representing you in the New Jersey legislature as your Senator. I have worked for almost forty years in the state system and private sector of health care and know how to navigate the ins and outs of the healthcare industry.


            For the past 12 months I have headed up a Covid response team for Matheny Medical and Educational Center in Peapack, NJ;  for almost 400 clinicians, to assure patients and staff were safe during active COVID. After which  I coordinated the staff and patient testing program and then the  COVID  vaccination program for all 600 staff, 130 patients, volunteers and families. We recently completed over 1200 vaccinations without wasting any of the precious vaccine!  I saw staff be furloughed, even in healthcare, people lose lives (both patients and staff) and people wondering will there be a future

This experience has made me look at our elected representatives of the 23rd legislative district and what they were doing for residents of the 23rd ?.

They were doing nothing.



            Now I know , you can assist people with getting COVID vaccines when they can’t navigate the system;  you can support people with monies during a pandemic so that people can survive after the pandemic is over.


If I know this, why don't they?

          As a CEO I have 30 years managing budgets for large state developmental centers and private healthcare organizations across three different state systems.  

For (16)  of those 30 years I was  CEO of Woodbine Developmental Center, then CEO of Oak Hills Of Somerset, KY, then CEO of Central Virginia Training Center, Lynchburg, VA. During these roles I answered to the Commissioner of the Departments of Human Services in those states, thus two ranks down from the Governor.    As CEO of these large healthcare facilities, I oversaw the operations of 300- 500 patients and 800- 1200 staff; I was responsible for $40-60 million dollar Budgets which were developed with the General Services Administration of those states’ Fiscal Offices.    I learned during these years how to make the most of the state dollars during good times and lean times.  So, I do know how to squeeze a nickel!!!  

          The majority of my career has been advocating for the public welfare for people with developmental disabilities. I now want to take it to the next level and advocate for the people of LD 23.


          I have always been involved in my professional associations to assure that there we were building capacity in the community for children and adults with developmental disabilities.  Developmental Disabilities Nurses Association; New Jersey Hospital Association ; APDDA- Association for Public Developmental Disabilities Administrators. 


        I am a Jersey born girl, I am the youngest of (5) children, was raised on a farm in Milmay, NJ in Atlantic County, NJ.   . My father died at 59, when I was 16 and from then I and my sisters cared for my mother til she was (90)  

I attended University of Pennsylvania- School of Nursing on a scholarship.   I was raised as a Catholic and still practice- ( I do believe in Woman’s rights)  I am a member of the Metchuchen Diocese, and attend Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Annandale, NJ.  I am married with (4) children, and (7) grandchildren.  I was married initially for 28 years and am now happily married for (5) years.

      My husband was my colleague at Matheny Medical and Educational Center; we found our values and goals in life were the same, and the rest is history.    I am an avid dog lover and have rescued over 16 dogs in the past 40 years- I owned (6) acres in South Jersey with my own kennels.  Currently rescued a (2) year old American  Bull dog/ Staffordshire Terrier



       I will be posting about issues that effect, Somerset, Hunterdon and Warren Counties individually.

      My campaign is not a one size fits all campaign.   Each of the (3) counties have issues unique to them, and needs to be advocated for as such.

Image by Chris Niwore
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