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Denise T. King MS RN

            Denise T. King has been in the Developmental Disabilities field since 1983. Since that time she has worked in large developmental centers in NJ, PA, Kentucky, California, and Virginia and in group homes in New York. She has been a CEO of three large developmental centers in NJ, KY and VA. She has helped to increase capacity in the community for people with developmental disabilities and helped begin some of the deinstitutionalization from those large centers for that underserved population. 

            Denise has her MSA – Health Care Administration, Central Michigan University; BS – Health Care Administration, Stockton State College NJ; and her original Nursing training was from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing, Philadelphia, PA.

            Denise is currently the Chief Nursing Officer for Matheny Medical and Educational Center in Peapack, NJ. She supervises a budget of $7 million dollars with 100 hospital nurses, nurses in an Adult Medical Day program and nurses in 5 group homes that Matheny operates.

            Denise was devastated by the 2016 election, as many Democrats were. She has been active with the Bedminster Democratic party since arriving in Bedminster in 2012. She is a Jersey girl, growing up in South Jersey and moved to Northern New Jersey to be a grandmother. She is married, has (4) children, and (7) grandchildren. She was able to become a CEO three times as a female Health care Executive from rural South Jersey- never feeling bias or gender discrimination, yet does not see that future for our children if there is not change in New Jersey. The “cult like” belief in Trump and his non-factual rhetoric is extremely scary and the politicians who follow him, need to be replaced. She looks to work with people like Governor Murphy to build a stronger North Jersey.

Image by Chris Niwore
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